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Core Aeration

Aerating the lawn is when "cores" or "plugs" of soil are removed from the turf, decompressing the soil allowing the area to "breath". 

This practice is commonly performed in the Early Spring or Late Summer. These are the best times to aerate as the turf will be in its "Growing Stage" being able to recover from the stress.

These cores are typically left on the surface, breaking up over time acting as a topsoil. Overseeding is commonly followed by this service as it maximizes the overall success of a thick lush lawn.

There are many benefits to Core Aerating such as: 

  • Improved root density and strength

  • Improved air exchange between the soil

  • Helps increase thatch breakdown

  • Helps prevent disease

  • Increases fertilizer uptake 

  • Increases drought and stress tolerance

  • Increases water absorption

  • Reduces soil compaction

  • Reduces water runoff and puddling

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