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Sod Installation

Are you looking for an instant lawn?

Cutting Edge specializes in Sod Installations, using top quality Soil, Fertilizer and Kentucky Bluegrass Sod! 

The steps we take are crucial to the success of the newly established turf, here is what you can expect when we redo your existing lawn. The following service includes:

  • Removal + Disposal of the existing turf using hand tools and/or heavy equipment.

  • Tilling of the existing soil and raking out as much remaining vegetation as possible. 

  • Providing and spreading a 2" or more layer of topsoil over the entire project area.

  • Tilling the fresh and existing soil together, creating an ideal soil base.

  • Grading of the soil in preparation for the sod.

  • Lime and Fertilizer application over the entire project area, blending in the soil with a light rake.

  • Installation of the Kentucky Bluegrass, laying in a staggered formation and cutting around obstacles.

  • Using a lawn roller to ensure contact with the soil and the sod

  • Detailed Project Cleanup.

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