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Frequently Asked Questions

What area do you service?

Do you offer Weed Control?

Can you move my trampoline?

Excessive Animal Waste,

will you still Mow our lawn?

Typically, we service all of Greater Sudbury however, our mowing route is only available in these locations: Garson, Coniston, Minnow Lake, South End, West End, New Sudbury, Valley and Hanmer

Unfortunately, we do not offer weed control.... Our Team specializes in the Mowing and Construction of your landscapes.

Due to liability reasons, we will not move trampolines under any circumstance. If you would like the area beneath to be mowed, we recommend having an alternate area were you can move the trampoline weekly or bi-weekly.

We understand animals have business to take care of, however, in the event of excess or neglected waste pick up, Clients may be charged a waste fee, and/or cancelation of mowing services.

Not only do we not want to step in it, our clients also do not want us tracking it on their property.

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